Work, work, work

You know you got a bit to much to do at work when you have been working non stop for the past 9,5 hours, eating lunch at the desk and haven’t had time for coffee and still feel like you need to stay and work another 4 hours.
That’s how my day has been today. I arrived at 8, took about two minutes of lunch, just enough time to heat the foo and bring it back to my desk and the next time I looked at my watch it showed 5,30. Time to in home 1,5 hours earlier! But it still felt like I had several hours of work left. Well, I guess I will just have to work a couple of hours extra tomorrow too. Money, money, money!

2 Responses to “Work, work, work”

  1. It’s certainly true that the working world does. Working “9-to-5” is more than an expression, but a standard shift for many Americans. It also stands to reason that those who like rising with the sun are also the most productive employees in the office.

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